Who we are.

Ruralis is a startup inspired by the idea of ​​focusing on the development of unknown Italian areas. Small villages, precious and unknown treasures, can offer truly authentic vacation experiences.
Through the best digital solutions, our mission is to support homeowners in increasing their income from short-term rentals.
We operate in the Digital Property Management market and specialize in the digital management of properties, leaving the executive part (check-in, cleaning, and maintenance) to the owner, promoting a new way of rural, sustainable and conscious tourism.

Our added value

In addition to pursuing profits, we define ourselves as a social benefit enterprise.
What does that mean?
It means that we act where there is the greatest need for social and economic development. We operate in disadvantaged areas, seeking to support small villages in facing difficulties, also due to the increasingly widespread phenomenon of depopulation.
We work to create a more sustainable world, accompanying the most vulnerable communities on a path of rebirth and regeneration, from all perspectives.

Our Results.

Nationalities hosted
Managed Properties
Tourists hosted since 2020
Our accommodations

Il team.

Nicolas Team Ruralis

Nicolas Verderosa

Degree in Business Economics and International Management, MBA in Entrepreneurship. Before returning to Italy, he gained experience in England, Latvia, Spain, the United States and Germany.
Lucio Team Ruralis

Lucio Nitti

Degree in Accounting, specialization in Strategy & Control at Copenhagen Business School with a semester in China. Experience in the service sector in London, has worked for several multinational companies.
Paolo Procacci - Team Ruralis

Paolo Procacci

Degree in Economics and Management. He worked for 10 years at Booking.com, managing various teams and projects in Italy. He held the role of Head of Sales in Europe in the fintech industry.
Giusy Team Ruralis

Giusy Di Grezia

Account Manager
Federica Papa - Ruralis Team

Federica Papa

Account Manager

Blaine Huffman

Product Specialist
Ginevra Barighini - Ruralis Team

Ginevra Barighini

Customer Care Specialist
Carmine Santoro - Team Ruralis

Carmine Santoro

Administrative Manager
Antonio Pepe - Ruralis Team

Antonio Pepe

Senior Sales Specialist
Giovanni Sutera - Ruralis Team

Giovanni Sutera

Senior Sales Specialist
Federico Team Ruralis

Federico Passaro

Senior Product Manager
Emilio Bilotta - Ruralis Team

Emilio Bilotta

Jr. Accountant
Luca Amoruso - Team Ruralis

Luca Amoruso

Jr. Marketing Specialist
Federica Paolino - Team Ruralis

Federica Paolino

Jr. Customer Care Specialist
Irene Procacci - Ruralis Team

Irene Procacci

Jr. Senior Sales Specialist
Martina Ramirez - Ruralis Team

Martina Ramirez

Jr. Project Manager
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