Requirements to become a host

Ruralis requires digital exclusivity in order to be able to guarantee a pricing and visibility strategy that optimizes the online presence of the facility. Moreover, running an accommodation with other agencies at the same time would risk leading to overbooking situations.

No, Ruralis is in the business of supporting property owners who are in villages and small Italian municipalities. Our choice stems from the desire to want to ensure a future for small municipalities that are subject to severe depopulation today.

Ruralis supports you in making the best choices to optimize your property based on experience with +10,000 tourists. We will provide you with support, training and guides on how to furnish your property.
The person may continue to have his or her residence and domicile at the facility intended for short-term tourist rental. The question of domicile and residence does not affect the validity, for civil and tax purposes, of the short-term rental contract, which can therefore be entered into.
No, Ruralis works exclusively with direct booking. The booking-on-demand tool is difficult for both Ruralis and the owner to manage.

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