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We aim to promote a different kind of tourism, exploring the small Italian villages. Choose Ruralis to rent out your property for stays of up to 30 days.

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Based on 36 reviews
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The best service for you, a new life for your house.

Managing a vacation rental property can often be a stressful experience: it requires organization and, most importantly, being readily available to respond.

Ruralis is here to offer you a service with a very clear goal: we’d like to help you thrive and promote tourism in the small villages of our peninsula, our undiscovered treasures.

Technological innovation

Visibility on over 100 websites and updated rates.

Market strategy

Deep market analysis an precise rate definition.

Tailored communication

High-quality photos, property description and promotion.

Insurance and protection

Maximum protection for you and your guests in case of damages.

Multilingual customer support

Support in increasing bookings with international clients.

Training for property owners

Helpful tips to enhance your property's offering.

No bureaucracy

Sending Web Hosted data and ISTAT data.

Smart payments

Safe and reliable digital payments management.

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Booking, Airbnb and other travel agencies offer an intermediary service between tourists and property owners, ensuring that the listing gains visibility to increase bookings. Ruralis takes care of the activities that owners should do digitally (such as uploading the property to various travel agencies like Airbnb and Booking, updating prices, communicating with guests and much more) to help owners earn more and simplify all activities related to short-term property rental. Additionally, we assist you in managing and optimizing your property so that it can be rented more easily.
Ruralis handles digital management to allow owners to specialize in welcoming tourists (check-in, cleaning, and maintenance) with a division of tasks, digital for Ruralis and practical for the owner.

We are inspired by the philosophy of shared success, built together with the owners: if you don't earn, we don't earn either. To activate and optimize your property, there is an annual cost of 200 Euros (excluding VAT). However, this cost is deducted from the first bookings you receive. In addition, for the service we provide, a commission of 10% is applied to the bookings (excluding VAT). Furthermore, you should also consider the costs expected by booking platforms which amount from 8% to 18% of rental costs. Please note that for properties with multiple housing units, the activation cost is evaluated separately.

Please note that for properties with multiple housing units, the activation cost is evaluated separately.
You don't have to worry about tourist payments or cases of insolvency because we manage payments on a single digital platform that sends your earnings directly to your bank, our commissions and those of online agencies included (e.g., Booking, Airbnb, etc.).

We don't want to bind you with a contract. We are the only company in Italy that allows you to cancel our service at no cost: you just need to inform us within 15 days. Our goal is to create a lasting and synergistic relationship between us. To learn more, you can consult this link.

When bookings come through agencies like Airbnb, Booking and VRBO, they are covered by insurance that covers up to 1 million Euros in case the guest gets injured inside the property or causes damages. Bookings that come through these portals cover 65% of your rentals. However, the remaining 35% is not covered. Ruralis is working to become the first "Property Management" company in Italy to cover this remaining percentage and ensure that the owner does not have to take out a personal insurance policy.
As the saying goes, "you break it, you buy it." And it's the same for us. If a tourist damages the property, he is responsible for it. We suggest removing valuable (either economically or sentimentally) items from your house. There are very few cases where a guest causes damage to the property (less than 1% of bookings), but if this unfortunate situation occurs, we take care of starting a compensation claim process with the tourist if the damage is less than 1000 Euros.
We do not conduct on-site inspections. However, before starting the collaboration, we ask you to send photos or videos of the property for quality control. The property must be welcoming and safe in order to suit the market and to ensure a quality stay for the guests.
You are the owner, so you can use your home as you want. You just need to tell us the dates that are not available. We prefer to work with owners who host guests for medium and long term stays rather than for a few months a year.
We are located in a small village of 3000 inhabitants, we are youngsters and we have studied in Italy and abroad, working for small and large companies around the world. Our goal is to bring added value to small Italian villages that today face socio-economic development problems, also due to widespread depopulation. We were born in 2020 with no investments and today we are proud to be the Italian leaders in the management of holiday homes in small municipalities. Choosing Ruralis means choosing a more sustainable world and a more conscious tourism.
Our collaboration model is an all-in-one solution and we ask you to avoid confusion and ensure consistency in communication, for exclusivity in managing online booking platforms (such as Airbnb and Booking) in order to make the flow efficient and reliable. If you already have bookings on these platforms, you just need to make the dates unavailable on Ruralis.
We do not take care of verifying cadastral and regulatory requirements. But we have prepared a detailed guide for you with all the useful information to be compliant. You can find it here.
It depends on your tax situation. Although we do not provide financial advice, you can find useful information here in points 14 and 17.
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