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Ruralis is the only company in Italy that manages properties in small towns.

We are the only company in Italy managing vacation homes in authentic areas, a sector previously overlooked. Our team of young professionals, who have returned to Italy from abroad, is dedicated to enhancing these areas rich in culture and traditions. We offer owners all-round support, taking care of every aspect of their properties, from marketing to bureaucratic matters.


Ruralis is the only property manager in Italy to bring economic value to small towns.

Tourism Growth

We have brought over 10,000 tourists since 2020 to lesser-known villages, generating sustainable tourism and local economic benefits.

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Join a Global Moevement

30% of our guests, coming from abroad, have explored the authenticity of lesser-known Italian destinations, contributing to their economic growth.

Economic Impact

We generated over 1 million Euros in economic impact in 2023, enriching the economic growth of rural communities.

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More than 100 owners choose Ruralis every day.

Maximum visibility

Your property will be featured on over 100 booking portals, maximizing the visibility and ensuring a continuous flow of guests.

Personalized Marketing

By using high-quality photographs and engaging descriptions, we create a customized marketing strategy for your property, attracting the ideal customer.

Booking Management

We provide excellent and multilingual customer service, taking care of every step of the guests' experience, from their arrival until their departure.

Why choose Ruralis?

We are committed to making the management of your vacation home a stress-free and highly efficient experience. Ruralis simplifies every aspect of the process, ensuring maximum yield.

Property Onboarding

High-quality pictures
Fast onboarding
Property on +100 portals

Attracting guests

Market Analysis
Dynamic pricing strategies
Personalized marketing

Efficiency in Management

Booking monitoring
Booking management
24/7 support

Full support 

Multilingual assistance
Communications Management
Dedicated support for the owner

The best part? There is no fixed price. Everything is included.

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How an owner increased his earnings.

"Our greatest achievement is having been discovered by realities completely different from ours. Last summer, we had numerous bookings from people coming from all over the world. I'm sure this would have never happened without the help of Ruralis."

- Chiara Mongiello, Villa Giardino Boschivo

Ruralis, your partner for short-term rentals in the most authentic Italian areas.

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